Why Organic?

If you are worried about the ill effects that daily doses of chemicals in your foods and personel care products can have on you health,you have good reason for concern.

Why organic is the right choice for parents?

Like a growing number of pediatrician , we advocate feeding kids organic foods whenever possible. Growing children are developing brain function and internal organs to last a lifetime, so their food should be the purest and most nutritious available.

Have you read the ingredient label on products?

Front labels try to lure you into purchasing products by making healthy claims . Manufacturer want to make you believe that their product is healthier than other similar options. So consumers should do inspection of the ingredient list.

What kind of reactions can they cause?

These chemicals in care products and food are very powerful and if you used or eat regularly for a long time, exposure to these chemicals may also cause weakness , increase the risk of various forms of cancer. It can also affect the nervous system , as well as the mental and physical growth of children , etc .


IDAA believes that good health starts with what you eat and what you use on a daily basis in everyday life .We believe that not only do you need to pay attention to what you eat but you need to pay attention to what you use from " TOP TO TOE "


We live in a chemical infused world . It' s impossible to avoid every single chemicals but you can do your part in limiting the amount of toxins your body is exposed to.BE SURE TO " EAT AND CLEANSE " BY LOOKING FOR PRODUCTS THAT ARE CERTIFIED " ORGANIC "


YOU ONLY HAVE ONE LIFE AND ONE BODY. If you do not take care of yourself and the ones you love, who will do it ? You owe it to yourself so start it today .Otherwise you may pay for it later in sickness.Good health is the "best gift" for the ones you love.

Our Products



organic mangosteen juice

No sugar

No preservative,

No color added

High antioxidants

Detox the body

Helps in digestion

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"this juice" is pure 100 % Mangosteen Juice, processed through Flash Pasteurization, in a 300 ml glass bottle."this juice" made from the whole mangosteen fruit consisting of the flesh, seed, and rind (pericarp) for your utmost health benefits



organic rice

100% Free from chemical

Growing rice in natural healthy soil

Using water from natural source

Fertilizing by using natural fertilizer

Certified by international standard

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"this rice" is Thailand Organic Rice ( Riceberry Rice, Riceberry Sprouted Rice, Brown Jasmine Rice, Brown Jasmine Sprouted Rice, Black Jasmine Rice, Black Jasmine Sprouted Rice, Red Jasmine Rice, Red Jasmine Sprouted Rice )


organic essence

Organic Essence products

USDA certified organic with eco green

Artificial colors or animal testing

No preservatives

No phthalates

No petro-chemicals

NO Gluten-free. Hexane-free

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Organic Essence products are biodegradable, home compostable packaging. We are industry leaders by combining a truly sustainable package with organic, sustainable ingredients.


Riddells Creek

Organic Toothpastes

Flouride free

Sulphate free

Vegan friendly

Mineral oil free

Made without synthetic chemicals

Not genetically modified

Non toxic

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Riddells Creek oral care and massage range is a completely non toxic, effective and gentle alternative to help protect you, your family and the environment.


Pure Provence

Organic Soap

NOP Certified Organic

Paraben, SLS, Phthalate, and BHT Free.

No preservatives

No colorants

No chemicals

Cruelty Free

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Pure Provence soaps are crafted in the South of France using only the purest ingredients make your skin nourished and moisturized. Our soaps are triple milled to ensure a long lasting bar with a luxurious lather.


tints of nature

Organic Hair Colors & Products

Free from ammonia

Free resorcinol

Free parabens


Not Animal Testing

Packaging recyclable

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Tints of Nature is the healthier way to colour your hair using natural and certified organic ingredients for stunning salon-standard results. Protect and strengthen coloured hair with natural products from England.


Oral Essentials

Organic Mouthwash

Natural ingredients

Long-term solution for oral

Whole body health

Dead Sea Salt

Not Animal Testing

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The Goal of Oral Essentials is to produce and distribute a revolutionary line of oral hygiene products for daily use that combine natural ingredients & ingredients with evidence based benefits to create a long-term solution for oral & whole body health.